New Season on The Path

It seems like every blogger and person under the son is busy making New Year's Resolutions.  Or proclaiming why they are not making them.  While this new direction of The Straightened Path has little to do with the New Year (2013? Already? Wow!) it has a lot to do with resolutions.

Resolution by definition means the act of analyzing a complex notion into smaller actions, or the act of determining. That definition fits well here.  You see my entire purpose in this life is to bring God glory through my life.  I generally fail miserably but I will never. stop. trying. God has called me to bring him glory by being Brandon's wife and respecting him. (1 Peter 3, Ephesians 5:33)  He has called me to serve Him by laying down my life for my children and teaching them diligently.  (John 15:13, Deut. 6:7) I see no other proficient way to prioritize those things besides being a keeper at home.  (Titus 2)  These things have been my day in and day out way of living for at least three years now.  And in many ways years before that even.  However, it has become obvious in the last few months that I can no longer live fully by those things and do this blog justice while in my current stage of life. 

There are many wonderful Titus 2 women around the blog-o-sphere that have twice as many children and blog following that I do and seemingly sacrifice nothing to run a beautiful ministry on their sites.  My conclusion is that God has called them to it in addition to their stay-at-home ministries.  While I enjoy blogging and do not feel the Lord takes issue with my sharing with others all that He is teaching me, I do not feel that The Straightened Path is my calling.  So henceforth I will be blogging intermittently.  I have some commitments to other blogs that I will happily fulfill and I will maintain this venue to express matters I feel of the utmost importance as well as updates on my son's cleft.  But I will not be maintaining the Facebook page nor posting here regularly.

I want to thank all of you for your support the last couple of years and for challenging me to become a stronger follower of Christ!  I think of individuals I have met due to this blog, friends I have made, and comments that have been left and I pray for you.  I hope that you will do the same for me as I embrace all that God has for me in this season of my life!  What joy to uniquely serve Him!


Sarah Avila said...

I noticed the other day that you weren't on FB. I was wondering what was going on!

I'm sure this wasn't an easy decision for you to make, but it sounds like the right one for you and your family at this time!

Good for you for knowing your limits and putting your priorities in order.

It's been wonderfully getting to know you and following along during your last pregnancy!

Blessings to you and your family!

Oh, and I love the new pics on the blog!

Kasey @ Walking Redeemed said...

I've been there and totally get it! Enjoy your break! I'll keep checking in to see what you're up to!

Amanda Schulz said...

Well my question is finally answered! I had missed you on FB as well...

Blair Allen said...

Thank you ladies for letting me know that I was missed. That is always nice. :)